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The Foundry showreel 2015

Our 2015 showreel features some of our talented customers and the incredible work they have created over the past year. As always, we would like to say a huge thanks to them all for making us look good!

All the projects featured were made with the use of one or more pieces of our software: NUKE, MARI, MODO, HIERO, KATANA and OCULA. Visit our product page to check out all of our products in more detail.



Music - Titan

Written / Produced by Scott Nixon @ SNM

Edited by Matthew McKinnon

The Foundry showreel 2014

Take a look at all the awesome work our clients have created over the past year! As always we would like to say a big thanks to them all for supporting The Foundry, hope you enjoy the showreel.

Made with the use of The Foundry's NUKEX, NUKE, MARI, MODO, HIERO, KATANA and OCULA. Visit to check out all of our products.

Music by: Scott Nixon,


Licensed & Published by: SCOTTNIXONMUSIC

The Foundry showreel 2013

This showreel contains work done with NUKE, NUKEX, MARI, HIERO, MODO and OCULA on Film, Television and Commercials.

Music by: Scott Nixon,

Title: Wetclip, Bring the Drums 

Film showreel 2012

With a portfolio of software that touches virtually every modern film release, we proudly empower the industry with the tools they need to create cutting-edge visual effects in film. Here's a reel showing how NUKE, MARI, OCULA and KATANA have been used to deliver blockbuster results.

Commercials showreel 2012

Shortform projects are all about delivering quality content fast. Modern-day audiences expect to see film-quality VFX in everything from idents and promos to music videos and commercials. See how our Commercials customers have used NUKE, OCULA, MARI and KATANA to do just that.

Episodic Television showreel 2012

The quality of visual effects in Episodic TV has now reached new heights of excellence. Studios working on mass-scale television projects are delivering film VFX with the pressures of tight budgets and quick turnaround times. Check out this reel, showing work created by our Episodic TV customers using NUKE, OCULA, MARI and KATANA.

Animation showreel 2012

Animation projects are notoriously labor-intensive and require a level of technical expertise that is unrivalled in the visual effects sector. Our software is widely used to create animation on a variety of projects, from blockbuster Films to Shortform. Check out some recent examples of NUKE, OCULA, MARI and KATANA in action.