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Design changes, fast.

COLORWAY is an application that aids creativity and focuses the decision making process, recognizing that a team of people involved in making design decisions have different goals and expertise. COLORWAY significantly streamlines the iterative design workflow bringing clarity and efficiency through fast, non-destructive material and lighting changes.

COLORWAY Presenter is a free, approachable application that enables customers or colleagues to review and control 'looks' in real-time. Clients can also review and make modifications within predetermined material and lighting options.

COLORWAY kits for MODO and CINEMA 4D are also free and enable users to set up, prepare, render and export scenes for COLORWAY, making it easy to tag materials or lights to be editable in COLORWAY.

‘Looks’ created in COLORWAY can be imported directly back into 3D using the COLORWAY kit.

Did you see our COLORWAY live event? Watch the recording here! You'll need to login to your account for The Foundry to watch it, if you don't have one just follow the steps to create one.


  • Iterative workflow - Make almost limitless changes to your 3D scene's colors, textures, decals and even lighting set-ups. 
  • Realtime, GPU powered updates - Make non-destructive changes instantly to renderings. Changes are stored independently of the source image.
  • Communicate more clearly - Save multiple image variations and ‘looks’, enabling clear downstream communication and design review.
  • Empower the reviewer - Critique variations with the free COLORWAY Presenter app and send desired looks back to the 3D artist.
  • Finalize the image - Iterate on subtle image details without the need to re-render.

Which COLORWAY is for me?

Edit lighting options
Change color options
Store 'looks'
Export to COLORWAY
Save looks to disk
Export looks to 3D
Prepare files for Presenter


Watch our tutorial videos from our Creative Specialist Andy Brown for help getting started with using COLORWAY and MODO, COLORWAY and CINEMA 4D and using COLORWAY Presenter.

COLORWAY will really change the way I work as a designer and make my life so much easier for sure. Changing the colors, textures, and materials is particularly straightforward, which makes it an invaluable app for use at a wide range of companies -- both by 2D artists refining their renders and by 3D departments. Being able to get this kind of rapid feedback from clients helps me to quickly understand exactly what they want, and they love it because they get to experiment like artists themselves!
Tomasz Lechocinski, 3D Designer