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Learn MARI

MARI is a state-of-the-art 3D painting and texturing tool. To support you as you hone your MARI skills, we’ve developed a series of training resources that take you through the key features.

User guides are also available as downloadable PDFs for MARI. Visit the User Guides page to find out more.

Download the blacksmith model asset (7.8 MB)

Getting started with MARI

Follow these tutorials by texture artist Mike Jagodzinski to get you up and running with MARI.

Assets created and kindly provided by Mike Jagodzinski.

Introduction to MARI's layer system

This series by Image Engine's lead texture painter, Justin Holt, introduces MARI's new layering system with these short tutorials.

Quick tips & tricks

Follow these quick tips & tricks to speed up your workflow.

HDR Ptex painting

VFX artist Scott Metzger walks through the HDR Ptex capabilities of MARI.