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Whiskey Glass

In this project-based training series you will be introduced to MODO’s toolset and workflow while helping you understand how to think creatively while working in MODO, rather than just showing you. Using the task of creating a photorealistic render of a whiskey glass you will be guided from a blank canvas complete to final pixels. Although this training is geared towards beginners, there are plenty of tips and tricks for all types of users.

Video chapter

1.  Gathering reference

2.  Modeling the glass, part 1

3.  Modeling the glass, part 2

4.  Modeling and sculpting the ice cubes

5.  Placing the ice cubes using dynamics 

6.  Assigning materials

7.  Scene setup

8.  Taking it to the next level


What is included with the product?  

  • 16 videos segments (including one bonus video)
  • 5 scenes in LXO format
  • 8 assorted images and textures

Total run time:  4 hours  48 minutes

Experience level

All levels. The series is aimed at new to intermediate users of MODO.  But there is value for anyone interested into a round trip tour of working in MODO. 

Software compatibility

MODO 701 SP3 or greater

Product format

All files delivered via electronic download. Training videos are at 1920 x 1080 resolution and narrated in English.