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To support you as you hone your NUKE skills, we’ve developed a series of training resources that take you through the key features.

If you'd like a version of NUKE to aid your learning at home, find out about our Personal Learning Edition.

If you like the idea of 1-2-1 training provided by a certified trainer, see our certified NUKE trainers page. Or, for general advice regarding training resources around the globe, see our NUKE third party training resources page.

User guides are also available as downloadable PDFs for our NUKE products. Visit the user guides page to find out more.


NUKE 8 tutorials

Tutorials by Matt Leonard of Sphere VFX, covering the new updates in NUKE 8.


NUKE 8 features

More tutorials from Matt Leonard, covering the features and improvements in NUKE 8.


NUKE 8 tutorials by Digital-Tutors

Digital-Tutors provides artists and designers with access to over 1,400 courses covering proven techniques, workflows and skills for leading creative software. Watch training used by top artists, studios and schools all around the world.

Explore more lessons from Digital-Tutors on new features in NUKE 8.


General UI


Basic workflows


Getting started with NUKE


Paint and roto


2D tracking


SplineWarp & ZDefocus


3D camera tracking


Planar tracking




Production workflows


Python essentials


Python for artists