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Foundry Annual Halloween Competition

Check out the winning creations from our 2016 competition.

Tippet Studio stop-motion VR project

Oculus MAD GOD is a stop-motion VR experience based on Phil Tippett’s short series, MAD GOD.

MODO 10.2 is here

Building on its pre-existing strengths, MODO 10.2 offers an unmatched toolset for asset creation that delivers best-in-class direct modeling, extended procedural modeling and revamped MeshFusion Booleans all working together in concert. Alongside the feature additions and performance optimizations, focused effort on fixing glitches makes MODO 10.2 one of the most robust MODO releases ever. To celebrate the completion of the MODO 10 Series, we’ve decided to offer you a great opportunity to get your hands on it for a massive discount.

MODO & MARI Test Drive Challenge

Behind the scenes of Star Wars

MODO, MARI, KATANA and NUKE help ILM exceed the expectations of millions.

Filming with No Borders: 360° VR truth

We’re all aware of how rapidly virtual reality is gaining ground, but just how difficult is the VR production process?