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It’s one thing creating 3D stereoscopic experiences from scratch in the current millennium, but how do you go about adding an extra dimension to centuries-old masterpieces? Check the cereal package for some anaglyph glasses and read on to find out from industry veteran Steve Wright (still a great read without the glasses!).

Struggling with figuring out how to allocate resources in a world of shifting requirements? Always got too much capacity or not enough? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just open up the pipe when you needed more, shut off the flow when you needed less—just like water? Simon Pickles thinks so.

Find out how The Foundry got to interview an astronaut, two illustrators and a virtual pug, courtesy of our indefatigable Events Manager Becks O’Byrne.

The MARI team is a little bit proud right now; to be recognized with an Academy Award is a pretty cool thing - MARI’s come a long way from the first proof-of-concept we built years ago.