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What makes NUKE special? We asked our creative specialists to tell us which features—new and old—they feel really set it apart. Take a look at their top ten, and if you haven’t already, why not get to know them all? Perhaps there’s something here that could really save you time on your next project.

It’s been a standout year for KATANA so far, with exciting news from all directions. From full adoption by customers like Pixar and ILM, to the new Windows port, to a wealth of new plug-ins, KATANA is on a roll. Senior Product Manager Jordan Thistlewood is really, really excited about what it all means for The Foundry’s lighting and look development solution.

Modeling in MODO has taken a major leap forward with the addition of procedural modeling capabilities in version 10.1. Darrel Anderson, the artist-creator of MeshFusion, looks at the history of this powerful MODO toolset, how going procedural has changed the game, and what the future holds for modeling.

With the brand-new procedural modeling system in MODO 10.1 just out of the door, lead developer Matt Cox explains the background behind its development, and waxes lyrical on the underlying beauty of its architecture, which—far from being bolted on—has it roots in MODO’s very beginnings.

When Milan Bulat was working in the game development industry, he constantly found himself frustrated by the difficulties both artists and developers encountered in creating artifact-free game-ready assets, and transferring them between content creation packages and finally to the engine. Joining The Foundry’s MODO team two years ago, Milan finally got the chance to iron out those workflow glitches. The results of his endeavours can be seen in MODO 10.0.

What’s it like to leap the fence from software consumer to software maker? James O’Hare (a.k.a. Farfarer) tells us why he left behind the world of making games and joined the world of making software to make games (among other things), and why he chose The Foundry as his new home.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, two 14 year-old friends are going to the movies. The film is the first of the original Star Wars trilogy, and for one of the two, it’s the 14th time he’s seen it; the other is not far behind.

Hello L.A.! We’re just a few hours from the official start of Siggraph 2015. Before the trade show floor opens, Nicki Morris, our education manager at The Foundry, has gathered some of the top names in VFX education.

As we head to GDC 2015, we caught up with our Creative Specialist and resident games guru, Greg Brown.

We grabbed our recently promoted "Mr NUKE" Jon Wadeelton, to find out what he's looking forward to in 2015 and how he's finding the transition.