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Hop on! Alter Ego delivers intense effects for Cycling Canada

Using NUKE STUDIO, post production house Alter Ego help Cycling Canada inspire people to get active.

When Cycling Canada wanted more people to identify as cyclists, they enlisted Alter Ego to help them meet their vision. Based in Toronto, Alter Ego’s philosophy is to create stunning images that bring an idea or vision to life and this is evident in their work on the invigorating visuals for the ad.

The fact that we had everything in the timeline…easy to review and easy just to manage everything. We literally used it [NUKE STUDIO] out of the box and it worked.
Andres Kirejew, VFX Supervisor, Alter Ego

Armed with the idea of the bikes riding on their own, Alter Ego found themselves needing to work with a rising number of CG shots. Turning to NUKE STUDIO, the team were able to effectively conform and work with huge amounts of data to create heart-pounding effects.

It was one of those things that - going in and out of a Flame - it just didn’t make sense.
Andres Kirejew, VFX Supervisor, Alter Ego