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Cluster Studio rely on MODO, MARI and NUKE STUDIO

Founded in 2004, Cluster Studio is a busy post house that mainly works on commercials, with their staff of 15 artists handling anywhere between 8 and 16 projects at any one time. Cluster uses MODO, MARI and NUKE STUDIO to compete in this fast-paced environment where deadline is king. From disassembling photorealistic cars while they’re been driven, to having an animated character join a real-world rock band, Cluster Studio relies on The Foundry’s software portfolio to help them get the job done.

Our artists love MODO because it’s lightning fast to work with it. In MARI, the ability to previsualize the textures in the viewport in real time and to evaluate several lighting conditions—it’s phenomenal! And NUKE STUDIO allows you to streamline and work in a more collaborative way. The Foundry really understands the needs of the industry in terms of pipeline ecosystem.
Armando Ricalde, Co-Founder/Director of Technology, Cluster Studio