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From crowdsourcing to commercialization with BleepBleeps

To successfully get from concept to reality, Evans knew he had to sell people on the products long before he ever actually physically created them. Evans, along with 3D motion artist Matthew “He’s Here All Week” Burnisten, talk about how MODO, 3D printing and creative design helped them reach this goal. 

BleepBleeps, with product names like Sammy Screamer, Olivia P. Stick and Tony Tempa, relied just as much on form as function to successfully make their way into the world. Evans first conceived the idea at 3:00 a.m. while taking his new daughter’s temperature and then having to google the number to see what it meant. Wouldn’t it be great, he thought, if the thermometer would synch with his phone and automatically tell him what the number meant. From there, Evans began formulating the concept, starting with 2D sketches and then moving to CG and renderings of the products. This ability to showcase and validate both the design and the functionality of BleepBleeps are what led to successful crowdfunding and the next wave of development for the Sammy and his friends.

One of the key things that helped me bring the brand and the product to life was the fact that we could do some great storytelling using CG and renders around our vision. So instead of a physical prototype, we had some great films that told the stories of how the products might work and what they could do.
Tom Evans, CEO and Founder, BleepBleeps
I’ve been using MODO for a really long time. It doesn’t fit into my workflow. It IS my workflow.
Matthew Burniston, 3D Motion Artist