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MODO, MeshFusion and the POWER/RANGERS Short with Ingenuity Studios

Ingenuity Studios, the studio behind VFX for artists like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, shows like Parks and Recreation, Salem and Brooklyn 99 and numerous ad campaigns, teamed with director Joseph Kahn on the controversial POWER/RANGERS Short. The short, which met with critical acclaim upon its Vimeo (NSFW) and YouTube (SFW) releases on Feb. 24, 2015, quickly came under fire. Vimeo pulling it on Feb. 26, 2015, due to copyright claims from Saban, the original holder of the Power/Rangers copyright. Within a day, Vimeo and YouTube both restored the short. Since then, the Vimeo version has had 1.4 million plays, and the YouTube version has had 15,247,524 views.

When we watched the initial cut, there are Power Rangers that are just running around in a desert in the opening scene in Power Ranger suits and nothing’s happening. And it just… it looks ridiculous. We knew we had to build out giant robots fighting and had to do a ton of explosion work all just within opening first minute of the short film.
Grant Miller, Ingenuity Studios

When we first starting using MeshFusion, I found that for what we use it, it’s best to just do detailing work on top of an existing model. As a 3d modeller, I have a ton of experience creating base geometry with standard box modelling and topology tools but when you get to the difficult parts where you’re trying to detail out that geometry, that’s where MeshFusion really shines.
Grant Miller, Ingenuity Studios