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nineteentwenty on quality, starting up, and NUKE and NUKE STUDIO

The VFX house, with a focus on advertising, made the strategic business decision to implement NUKE and NUKE STUDIO in its start-up.

When nineteentwenty set up its offices, the founders committed that they would create the highest-quality content and experience for their customers while still maintaining costs, for both their customers and their business. From where they established their main office (Bristol, UK) to the decision to build the pipeline around NUKE and NUKE STUDIO, rather than Flame, they showed that they could successfully marry those business drivers for post production. 

Over the last 3-4 years, certainly from my perspective, I’ve noticed that NUKE is the one piece of software that has consistently brought out or included new tools in every release that have definitely made my life easier.
Ludo Fealy, Co-Founder, nineteentwenty
I was super, super impressed with it (NUKE STUDIO timeline)….library, timelines, playback with NUKE all in one. Bang. Done. Perfect. You can send a composite to NUKE or send the composite from the timeline and your NUKE workspace is there automatically. And then once you’ve rendered it, it’s immediately back in that timeline straight away.
Ludo Fealy, Co-Founder, nineteentwenty