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Ready at Dawn: A new order for texturing in the gaming world

If we look at some of the latest releases in the gaming industry, it is no surprise that players’ expectations for the most dynamic and lifelike creations are higher than ever. Ready at Dawn’s cinematic actioner The Order:1886™ is a stunning example of the levels of realism that are being reached in the gaming industry.

The Ready at Dawn team had selected MARI in a bid to achieve several different texturing techniques and ensure their visuals were as stunning as possible.

It’s a tactile, physical way of approaching texturing, when you’re looking at an object and indicating where that material goes. MARI was perfect for this as we could take the object in 3D and the texture team could paint these black and white masks to indicate exactly what material went where on the object.
Nathan Phail-Liff, Art Director, Ready At Dawn