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The Foundry webinar recordings

Webinar: MODO—procedural modeling geek-out!

In this webinar, Creative Specialist Andy Brown takes a deep dive into a modeling project that is 100% procedural. Using a combination of a large number of procedural mesh operations, together with MeshFusion, and a sprinkling of MODO's renderer, he investigates how to visualise a high-performance brake disc in a way that is completely nondestructive.

Webinar: KATANA—power for the pipeline, freedom for the artists

In this webinar, Senior Product Manager for Lighting & Look Development Jordan Thistlewood will show you how KATANA can help you achieve the holy grail of faster, better, cheaper CG production and—at the same time—let your artists spend more time doing what they love: lighting.

Webinar: Online editing in NUKE STUDIO: tips, tricks and best practices

In this webinar, Product Manager Juan Salazar will show you how to get the most out of NUKE STUDIO for online editing and prepping VFX shots. Using an ad campaign that contains multiple edits and outputs, Juan will walk through the process step by step, and share some time-saving tips and tricks to speed up the conform, online and distribution process.

Webinar: Synthesizing stereo VR with NUKE STUDIO and CARA VR

In this webinar, Mariana will show you how to synthesize a stereo view from your mono virtual reality footage using the CARA VR plug-in toolset for NUKE®. She’ll demonstrate how to create a new view in NUKE and how to refine the different options available during the solve and stitch to achieve a great stereo effect. In addition, she’ll take a look at some post-stitching workflows for integrating CG elements into a VR comp using tools like NUKE's powerful new ray trace renderer.

Webinar: Easier VR asset creation with MODO 10.2

In this webinar, Creative Specialist Greg Brown demonstrates how the new modeling features released in the second and third installments—together with the games-focused tools and workflows delivered in the first installment—present an incredibly robust and powerful toolset that’s ideal for virtual reality and real-time asset creation.

Webinar: A MODO, MARI and NUKE project for beginners - part 2

In this two-part webinar series aimed at beginners, Creative Specialist Martin Mayer will take you through the process of creating a digital nature scene using techniques applicable to both visual effects and advertising image production. Martin will use key components of The Foundry creative portfolio—MODO®, MARI® and NUKE®—to create the scene from scratch.

Webinar: VR post-production workflow with NUKE STUDIO, CARA VR and MODO

This webinar is brought to you by The Foundry’s Media Production Creative Manager Mariana Acuna. Mariana’s focus for the last two years has been specializing in virtual reality post-production workflows. Prior to joining The Foundry she worked as an on-set supervisor and senior compositor, and has over 10 years’ experience in the motion picture industry.

Webinar: A MODO, MARI and NUKE project for beginners - part 1

In this two-part webinar series aimed at beginners, Creative Specialist Martin Mayer will take you through the process of creating a digital nature scene using techniques applicable to both visual effects and advertising image production. Martin will use key components of The Foundry creative portfolio—MODO, MARI and NUKE—to create the scene from scratch.

Webinar: MODO 10 Series for VR and games

Creative Specialist Greg Brown demonstrates how our games tools make day-to-day tasks easier, even if you aren’t a game artist. Combined with our new procedural modeling tools, the potential is limitless.

Greg will explore many of the new tools in the MODO 10 Series, with special attention on the new ability to easily exchange data with external game engines like Unity, and on how MODO eases the pain of properly preparing game-ready assets.

Webinar: The power of MODO’s modeling paradigm

MODO is considered by many people to be the best subdivision surface modeller on the market. With the launch of the new procedural modeling system in MODO 10.1 that works hand-in-hand with MODO’s best-in-class direct modeling system and the advanced MeshFusion Boolean toolset, that’s more true than ever today.

The Foundry Sessions recordings

Session 15 - Looking to break into VFX?

Wanting to break into the creative world of visual effects? Coming towards the end of your degree and preparing your showreel? If you missed this session make sure you watch the recording to find out from people working in the industry what it’s like to work in a facility and what skills they’re looking for in graduates.

Session 14 - It’s Not Rocket Science

What happens when an astronaut, his son and his dog get together with some highly creative people and The Foundry’s software? A whole lot of mischief, that’s what!  

Session 13 - Anatomy of a Blockbuster

Image Engine became part of the illustrious Jurassic Park saga in the latest instalment of Jurassic World, creating a variety of stunning visual effects that helped bring the prehistoric back to life. 

Session 12 - Automation vs creativity

On November 19, 2015, The Foundry got together with digital agency DARE and Creative Review magazine to host a seminar to examine just that question. Viral internet artists Cassetteboy and Matthew Shannon of VR filmmakers Visualise joined The Foundry’s Head of Design David Atkinson to explore what automation means in the context of the creative process, and where that might take us in the future. If you couldn’t be there in person, take a look at the videos.

Session 11 - Dancing with VR

In this session, you’ll get to watch REWIND, one of the UK's leading VR digital production companies, show their in-depth processes for the VR experience for the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing (or, for those not in the UK, Dancing with the Stars!).

Session 10 - Being Independent

This session featured award winning post production house, Finish, based in the heart of Soho in London.

We chatted with Co-Founders of Finish about it’s humble beginnings 12 years ago and how they have managed to grow organically into a company of over 20 people in larger premises, while maintaining a culture where quality, technology and personal service combine to create great output and attract repeat business.

Session 9 - The Foundry in Games

The July session featured production for all things games, from creation to cinematics using MODO and NUKE. Jennifer Schneidereit from Nyamyam joined us to talk about how MODO was used on indie game TENGAMI.  Hugo Guerra, formerly Head of NUKE at The Mill, now Independent VFX Supervisor / Creative Director also joined us  to show how The Foundry’s tools and how they were used on Fire without Smokes’ games cinematics for Just Cause 3 & Rival Kingdoms. 


Session 8 - Creating a cleaner planet

In April we took an in-depth look on The Ocean Cleanup project with special guest Erwin Zwart from Fabrique Computer Graphics.

Erwin spoke about how he got involved with the project and how MODO and NUKE helped him achieve the results.

Session 7 - NUKE STUDIO: The story so far

NUKE STUDIO was the topic of discussion in our March Session, which covered its use in music videos to feature films.

We hosted Paul Simpson from Realise Studio and Jordi García from Post23, who shared their projects and answered viewers questions - along with The Foundry's NUKE experts Sean Brice and Juan Salazar.

Session 6 - Creating Sci-Fi with MODO

We hosted the incredible Fred Gambino and Henning Sanden for our most popular Session to date.

Watch the recording to see the artists take us through their Sci-Fi work and we had special extended Q&A Session where we heard from our guests and The Foundry Team compères: Courtney Pryce and Simon Lundberg.

Session 5 - NUKE & Baselight for NUKE

If you missed the last Session of 2014 you can catch up now.

December’s Session was with Timon Relitzki from the legendary German facility Das Werk, plus Daniele Siragusano from Filmlight also joined us to show us their new app - Baselight for NUKE & NUKE STUDIO. 

Session 4 - The Foundry in Architectural Design

We hosted our fourth Session of the series on Wednesday 26th November with special guests from London based studio Cityscape.

Joel Azopardi, CGI director & senior MODO artist, & Damian Fennell, creative director, shared their work on a regeneration project in South London, which used both MODO and NUKE.

Session 3 - MODO in Marketing & Advertising

After a short break for our huge NUKE 9 event, we hosted the third in the series of The Foundry Sessions on Thursday 30th October.

This Session focused on MODO in Marketing & Advertising Diego Maricato, Founder of Calibre Studio São Paulo and Rubén Martinez Lopez a Spanish 3D creative based in Vietnam.

Session 2 - MODO in VFX

We hosted the second in the series of The Foundry Sessions on Thursday 24th July, broadcasting LIVE from our London HQ.

This Session focused on MODO in VFX with Robin Konieczny from the world famous VFX house Double Negative and Tommie Kidjemet from Niceberg Studios in Belgium.


Session 1 - The COLLECTIVES

We launched The Foundry Sessions with our first LIVE transmission focusing on the COLLECTIVES from our London HQ on Thursday 19th June

It was a one hour digital broadcast and included a live Q&A with questions coming through on Twitter to #TFsessions.

Check out our recording of the event if you missed it live!