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The Foundry Sessions: Creating Sci-Fi with MODO

Catch up with our most popular Session to date! Watch the recording below.

Guest speakers

Timon Relitzki

Fred Gambino, concept artist

When he’s not hiking around the world, watching movies or cycling, Fred Gambino is drawing!  Having worked as a concept artist and matt painter on amazing films such as Guardians of the Galaxy and The Tale of Despereaux, Fred is a concept art heavyweight.

He’s currently working as art director for Xing Xing digital for a new animated movie being visually developed in LA. A book of his work was published in 2000 entitled "Ground Zero" and a new book "The Art Of Fred Gambino Dark Shepherd" was published in 2014.

Timon Relitzki

Henning Sanden, CG artist

Henning Sanden is a CG artist currently living in London, where he makes monsters behind closed doors in dark rooms. He loves everything 3D, but his passion lies in character design and sculpting, which he’s fortunate enough to do for a living. For the last 7 years, MODO has been his primary 3D tool (they’ve been through thick and thin together).


Simon Lundberg - MODO Product Designer, The Foundry

Courtney Pryce - Creative Specialist, The Foundry

Becks O’Byrne, The Foundry (host)