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Webinar: A MODO, MARI and NUKE project for beginners - part 1

In this two-part webinar series aimed at beginners, Creative Specialist Martin Mayer will take you through the process of creating a digital nature scene using techniques applicable to both visual effects and advertising image production. Martin will use key components of The Foundry creative portfolio—MODOMARI and NUKE—to create the scene from scratch.

In part one: “Building and texturing an asset in MODO® and MARI®, he’ll start to prepare the hero asset in MODO, using the UDIM workflow to get it ready for texturing. He’ll also explore efficient texturing strategies inside MARI, including integrated MODO render engine occlusion baking, procedural textures and hand painting.

In the second part of the series, Martin will have a look at the components that build up the digital environment inside MODO. He’ll explore time-saving strategies for quickly building up complexity and scene detail using MODO’s powerful Replicator system. He’ll also discuss rendering the scene in passes for compositing. As a final step, he’ll show you how you can give your project some final polish by adding some “special sauce” in NUKE®.

If you liked this you can watch part two of Martin's webinar series here.