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Competitions and prizes!

Our competitions have now closed. See Kris Pearn draw the winning Foodimal live on the stream recording

Create a unique Foodimal

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. © Sony Pictures Imageworks

Create a unique Foodimal and have Kris Pearn, Director of Cloudy With The Chance of Meatballs 2 create it LIVE before your very eyes on stage.

In the spirit of creativity, and possibly insanity, Kris Pearn has kindly agreed to let you unleash your wildest dreams and create a unique Foodimal which he will create for one lucky winner LIVE on stage using an old school pad and markers on Wednesday, 13th August during our live broadcast.

He will then take this sketch away with him and create your Foodimal in all its glory using FLIX once he gets back to Toronto. This will be printed and signed by the lovely Kris. We will send this unique piece of art to the successful winner so they can enjoy it forever!


For the love of A Bag of Swag……

Can’t get to Vancouver and want to get your mitts on some The Foundry swag? You are in luck as we will have ten special ‘Swag Bags’ during our broadcast live from show floor on 13th August from 10.00am - 2:40pm PDT.

How to enter:

To win a lovely bag of swag you’ll need to tell us what you love about your favorite product from The Foundry. The more interesting/funny, the better! 

You can enter to win using #TFSIGGRAPH via Twitter and Facebook. We’ll announce the winner via Twitter & Facebook after every break during the broadcast on Wednesday 13th August - register to watch the broadcast below.

The Bag of Swag includes:

  • 3 months free subscription to Digital Tutors
  • 1 x special SIGGRAPH The Foundry T Shirt (in size of your choice) 
  • 1 x The Foundry lanyard
  • 3 x cool laptop stickers 
  • 6 x pins


Find The Foundry Super Brains at SIGGRAPH 2014 and win an I heart MODO t-shirt!

Each day of SIGGRAPH 2014 Exhibition (12th-14th August)  we will be sending three of The Foundry’s Super Brains out into the wild for you to find. Think of this as real life ‘Where’s Wally’ in Vancouver. Find them in a session, at a talk, in the emerging technologies area, on show floor, or even in the bars and eateries of Vancouver...

To help you identify the Daily Brain we will post a rogues gallery at 8.45AM PDT each day on Twitter and Facebook, so you know who to look for. They will be identifiable by their I HEART MODO t-shirt and name badge, though do double check you have found the right super brain as there will be many at the show!

How to enter to win and collect prize:

Really simple, find your super brain and have a selfie taken with them and tweet/FB your pic to #TFSIGGRAPH. Then come along to The Foundry booth #601 to collect your t-shirt (it can be the following day if you found them at night!).