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How our software is used in design

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Almost every product we use—from the kettle we boil our morning tea or coffee with, to the car we drive to work, to the television remote control that helps us choose our evening’s entertainment—has come to us via the hands of a designer. Today, designers are increasingly turning to 3D solutions like MODO to explore their creative ideas and to quickly iterate to refine their vision.

In fact, today MODO is used in many forms of product and industrial design, including footwear, automotive, sporting goods, soft goods, jewelry and toys. You can view some workflow examples and customer case studies on this page, and find more about MODO’s use in product design on the MODO product pages.

In addition, The Foundry’s technology can help you out in the field of UX/UI design, and can work with you to ensure what you design is exactly what the consumer sees, creating efficiencies along the way. Find out more on our UX/UI page.

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How The Foundry software is used in product design