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Collaborative visual story development

FLIX is a visual story development tool for feature film, TV production, games, and more. Designed to promote fast-paced creative collaboration, FLIX removes the technical barriers that can cause frustration and slow you down.

With FLIX, directors, producers, story artists, editors, and 3D layout and previs artists can all collaborate in one easy-to-access place, letting them explore and iterate freely; deliver faster story turnarounds; and share involvement in the development of a project earlier in the process.


  • Collaborate easily across teams, departments and geographies to work in parallel and share creative ideas
  • Let your artists focus on being creative, while FLIX takes care of naming, versioning and file management tasks automatically.
  • Use your existing applications, with built-in support for a wide range of industry-leading 2D, 3D and editorial solutions 
  • Save production time and money by including editorial, previs and even lighting right from the start, so you can make critical decisions much earlier and avoid unnecessary rework
  • Work from any location on any platform, with a flexible, browser-based front-end
“Working with FLIX on the film Hotel Transylvania was crucial to the production workflow of the film. Having a tool like FLIX was extremely helpful as it allowed me to quickly convey my creative vision to all of the key departments."
Genndy Tartakovsky, Director of Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania.
"I really like that FLIX is designed to be used as a collaborative tool and I'm very excited that I will be using it and putting it through its paces on my next project."
Brad Lewis, Feature Animation Producer/Director currently producing an upcoming animated feature for Warner Bros.
"With FLIX, I can note, draw, fix, reorder panels and write. It's the closest I can get as a Director to actually having my hands on the film.”
Doug Sweetland, Director and Animator.

What can FLIX do for me?




  • Easily access the most up-to-date version of a sequence from any location
  • Make revisions and provide notes directly in FLIX, even during an editorial session
  • Share a session with remote artists and other stakeholders for real-time pitch review
  • Exchange creative input and ideas with the entire team across multiple departments
  • Free your team from dealing with technical complexities, so you can focus on better storytelling



  • Solve more problems during the preproduction phase, avoiding costly rework during production
  • Easily access the most up-to-date version of a sequence from any location
  • Enjoy improved communication between departments and locations
  • Manage and shuffle resources more easily, with standardized workflows across the production that let team members easily take over another person’s work



  • Enjoy greater productivity, with a streamlined editorial roundtrip
  • Easily keep track of changes, with automatic identification of new and removed panels 
  • Manage 3D previz and layout sequences from Maya more easily with FLIX’s innovative Staging process
  • Easily create multiplane effects with direct access to multi-layered PSD files
  • Always know when and which panels were published, with automated email notifications 


Story artist

  • Focus on creative tasks and let FLIX take care of the technical steps like managing, naming, versioning and cropping files
  • Create and edit panels in your preferred tool, with links to multiple drawing applications and support for direct scanning of hand-drawn boards
  • Effortlessly keep in step with editorial changes, with automatic conform
  • Record your pitch in real time at your desk and easily share that version with everyone else on the team


3D previs/layout artist

  • Work in parallel and collaborate freely with story artists and editorial, thanks to FLIX’s powerful multi-application links
  • Iterate more freely during previz and layout phases with the ability to easily roundtrip between FLIX and Autodesk® Maya®
  • Take advantage of FLIX’s innovative new Staging process to set key camera and character poses in Maya and easily incorporate timing from editorial
  • Focus on creative tasks while FLIX looks after tedious steps like file management and versioning


Production artist

  • Understand context for any shot with easy access to the latest version of the storyboards to view the creative intent
  • Plan and break down tasks, with easy access to information such as the duration of shots and the visibility of characters and sets within them
  • Begin experimenting with look development and animation much earlier by using Maya metadata collected during Staging


Technical team

  • Reduce disk space requirements with smart file management
  • Minimize the risk of data loss with centralized storage and the ability to easily locate any version
  • Create custom Python plug-ins to automate workflows or extend functionality 
  • Use data generated from FLIX throughout your pipeline, such as number of shots, shot durations, Maya metadata, mark-in and mark-out points, and more

Production designer/Art director

  • Easily access the latest version of the storyboards for any sequence to understand how sets and props will be used
  • Open any of the 3D or drawn storyboard panels to create color keys
  • Store color keys in either a new branch or a new sequence, for easy sharing with the rest of the team