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Collaborative shot management, conform, edit and review

HIERO gives you an all-in-one shot management, conform, edit and review solution that makes it simple to move offline to online, organise projects and stay on top of review and versioning at every stage.

With handy automated functionality that cuts out complex manual processes, HIERO integrates seamlessly with NUKE and other production tools to ensure the smooth delivery of collaborative end-to-end projects.


  • Makes collaborative working easy by removing complicated, error-prone manual processes, taking the pain out of tracking and shot management and allowing the import of media from a wide range of formats, while saving on valuable disk space
  • Speeds up turnaround and safeguards quality through the efficient round-tripping of shots to VFX using the template-based export system and the delivery of EDLs, XMLs, selects and timeline bakes for later work or delivery
  • Lets you take control of projects from one central point, with a dedicated toolkit for versioning and review, plus familiar editing tools accessible directly on the timeline
  • Reduces the high costs associated with traditional workflows by freeing up finishing systems for more effective use, cutting in-house infrastructure costs and enabling full pipeline integration through Python scripting
  • Integrates deeply into your pipeline with Python scripting to enhance workflow and integrate even more closely with NUKE
"HIERO has been a real time saver for us. Before, with file based workflows the DI house would conform and generate our VFX plates. Now, with the addition of HIERO into our pipeline we have a wonderful tool to quickly handle these requests ourselves. We also use HIERO for our spotting sessions and dailies. This allows us to easily review, tag, and comment and generally turn around revisions faster. It's even opened up the possibility of moving to a more collaborative compositing process built around NUKE."
Steven Ilous, VFX Supervisor / Writer / Director, SMI Entertainment Inc.
"We love the shot and colour space management advantages that using NUKE and HIERO together bring. Before adding NUKE and HIERO to our pipeline we were conforming in Baselight and passing EDLs out to Flame, NUKE and HIERO offer an alternative to this process that gives us greater flexibility. HIERO now acts as our online editor, and with both NUKE and HIERO in our pipeline we have a more accessible, collaborative approach, which is faster and more cost effective, and best of all lets us take on even more projects. For us NUKE and HIERO offer a new way of working that we see as the foundation of our pipeline for the future."
Heino Henning, Creative Director, Searle Street Post
"‘HIERO is really fast in conforming. On our latest TV Series (45 min) it conformed the whole show in 15 minutes, scanning and matching 8000 Quicktime Movie Files, all over 1 Gigabit Network, and all on a MacBookPro."
Daniele Siragusano, Supervisor & Stereographer Digital Post-Production, CinePost Production
HIERO and NUKE make on-air TV production possible
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HIERO and NUKE bring Alicia Keys' picturesque city to life
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HIERO sits at the hub of the commercial pipeline for Logan
Kia Landscape: © Kia. All Rights Reserved. Images courtesy of Logan TV.
HIERO and NUKE help Zoic Studios create unearthly sci fi VFX
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