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Renderer plug-ins


RenderMan for KATANA® brings with it a full set of studio-grade tools, light manipulators and shaders that have been production proven at Pixar. A trail-blazer in the film industry, RenderMan’s continued evolution ensures it is a fitting solution for the modern production pipeline.



V-Ray is a widely deployed production-proven renderer used across many industries. With its ability to import shading networks via a vrscene file, V-Ray for KATANA integrates smoothly with V-Ray for Maya and V-Ray for 3ds Max. Built-in support for loading and rendering VDB volumes and Yeti Hair Caches add to its flexibility and power.



Arnold for Katana (KtoA) provides KATANA users with a powerful Arnold rendering solution, and can be found at top production studios around the globe. KtoA integrates with KATANA nodes, scene graph and scripting functionality, providing enhanced performance with multi-threaded scene translation, improved live rendering performance and fast OpenVDB rendering.



3Delight for KATANA (3DfK) is a production-strength rendering solution for KATANA. 3DfK introduces an artist-friendly rendering workflow built on top of an extremely high-performance OSL rendering core. Key benefits include layers, Multi-Light with real-time light mixing, interoperability with Autodesk® Maya® via Multiverse, and physically plausible materials. 3DfK includes an advanced frame buffer, 3Delight Display, as standard.



Render farm software


Deadline offers out-of-the-box support for submitting KATANA projects to a render farm, either from within KATANA, or from the Deadline interface itself. This is the first render farm software solution to be available pre-configured for use with KATANA.



PipelineFX’s Qube! is a leading cross-platform render farm solution, used by visual effects studios, architecture firms, automotive manufacturers, broadcast stations, post houses and schools around the world. Beta support for KATANA within Qube! is available in version 6.8-3; full support is anticipated to be available with Qube! 6.9-0. Jobs can be submitted either through KATANA or through Qube! itself

Qube! logo partnered with KATANA


J CUBE inc.’s Maneki is a fast, consistent, all-in-one Anime solution, designed for efficient rendering of next-generation high-quality content in HD/4K. Maneki allows NPR and Anime looks to be created with the ease of PBR techniques, and introduces PSR (Photo-Surreal Rendering): a mix of photorealism and non-photorealism that pays homage to the traditional design elements of Japanese Anime. It is designed to work optimally with 3Delight.

Maneki logo partner of KATANA


Pipeline tools


Multiverse for KATANA (MfK) is the one-click solution to bring complete Maya assets into KATANA via Alembic. Write out Maya assets with look-dev and lighting using Multiverse for Maya (MfM), then read in KATANA using MfK to resolve lights and OSL shading networks and reproduce matching imagery with 3Delight. Optionally use Alembic files with history using Multiverse ‘Git’ back-end.

Multiverse for KATANA

Universal Scene Description

The Pixar-developed Universal Scene Description (USD) fills a gap in the range of open-source solutions for 3D production, namely whole scene description, and acts as a production-savvy bridge between Maya and KATANA. Built-in support for USD within KATANA is coming soon.