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Pricing and licensing for KATANA


The KATANA GUI license provides access to the UI, Script mode and Batch mode. This is the license artists will use.


The KATANA Render license provides access to the Script mode and Batch mode, and is intended for use on local or cloud-based render farms. Working in tandem with the renderer plug-in (V-Ray, RenderMan, 3Delight or Arnold), the Render license enables the KATANA renderer procedural, which feeds scene data to the renderer on demand, controlling memory and CPU usage. This eliminates the need to generate V-Ray vrscene files, Arnold ASS files, or any form of Delayed Read Archives for 3Delight or RenderMan.

  GBP £ EUR € USD $
KATANA GUI £4,882 5.848 €  $8,144 
KATANA Render £275  332 €  $468 
KATANA GUI maintenance* £882  1.048 €  $1,544 
KATANA Render maintenance* £110  132 €  $188 

 *Maintenance is included in your first year's pricing.

To purchase KATANA, request a call-back from a member of our sales team.