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System requirements

Operating system

  • KATANA is tested and qualified on Linux 64-bit CentOS/RHEL 6.


  • PRMan 17.0
  • Arnold
  • Arnold

The supplied renderer plug-ins are compiled and tested against these versions, using GCC 4.1.2. Minor version increments of PRMan and Arnold may work, as long as they are API compliant with the supported versions.

Support for PRMan 18.0 and above is provided directly by Pixar using their RenderMan Studio for Katana plug-in. To get access to RenderMan Studio for Katana please contact Pixar directly.

To use a version of PRMan or Arnold other than those listed above, you may need to recompile the renderer plug-in.

To expose new features and options, you may need to modify the renderer plug-in.

Using a version of PRMan or Arnold other than those listed above may produce unexpected behavior. Using a compiler other than GCC 4.1.2 may produce unexpected behavior. Please note that we can only guarantee to respond to Katana bug reports when they are reproducible with the supplied versions of the renderer plug-in, compiled with the supported version of GCC.


A graphics card which supports OpenGL shader model 4.

Looking for specific product information? User guides are available as downloadable PDFs for KATANA.

Visit the User Guides page to find out more.