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MARI in use

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MARI in film

MARI in games

MARI is such an intuitive and natural tool that the artists mastered it in no time and developed their own working methods. Using MARI we were able to organise our maps seamlessly, working up the level of painted detail, creating wet masks to help drive the huge water simulations, with the added benefit of being able make adjustments on the fly. All of this could have been a real headache in Photoshop.
James Furlong, Texture and Look Development Lead on Pirates!, Aardman

MARI in television

MARI in shortform

MARI in design

MARI's fast and responsive and lets me concentrate on being an artist, removing the wasted time I once spent managing files. Its ability to handle large amounts of data saves a huge amount of time, which when you’re working on feature films is invaluable.
Alwyn Hunt, Senior Texture Artist, Weta Digital