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Overview VFX & animation Games

Game for the challenge

With AAA games now sporting film-quality assets, and even indie productions facing ever tougher deadlines and expectations, game developers need a 3D paint tool designed to scale to the most challenging entertainment productions. MARI delivers the creative tools you’ll love together with the power and quality today’s increasingly complex assets require, in a real-time environment that matches games engine performance.

Eliminate the guesswork

MARI’s physically correct interactive preview features shadows, environment lighting, specular highlights and more, matching games engine shaders pixel for pixel. Support for the Unreal shader is built in, so if you’re producing assets for the Unreal engine, you can work with extra confidence that your textures will match your target platform.

Bake it till it’s done

Use MODO’s powerful baking engine to bake textures right from within MARI, and automatically apply the resulting baked texture to the mesh—eliminating the tedium and loss of productivity of constantly moving between applications. Create new baking presets in MODO for a vast range of looks. If you want to use a different offline renderer for baking, API access is right there.

Layer on the looks

Build up complex, realistic looks, with support for real-time GLSL layered shaders. Freely mix paint with procedurals, filters, color correction and masks to achieve the look you want. MARI’s fluid and flexible paint tools let you work in 3D projective mode or with flat UV paint with a choice of preset, custom or familiar Photoshop ABR brushes at your fingertips.

Future-proof your pipeline

With the ability to handle standard or multi-tile UDIM UV layouts, including overlapping UVs—or use a UV-less PTEX workflow—MARI lets you put detail where it’s most effective. Meanwhile, with support for FBX and OpenSubdiv; real-time interaction with millions of polygons; and extensive APIs and Python scripting, MARI is ready for not only today’s games productions, but also tomorrow’s.

Introducing MARI into our game pipeline on The Order: 1886 helped eliminate traditional 2D texture pipeline frustrations, such as seams and complex UV shell fragmentation, allowing our team to focus their energies on meticulously crafting a rich cast of characters, creatures, weapons, and props for our world. On top of MARI’s great 3D and projection painting feature set, it also helped us out on unexpected fronts, making the authoring of technically complicated textures like flow and anisotropic comb maps simple, seamless, and intuitive.
Nathan Phail-Liff, Art Director, Ready At Dawn Studios