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Customize your MODO to suit your needs

MODO plug-ins

Extend the power of MODO

Created by third-party developers with specialised expertise, MODO plug-ins are seamless additions to MODO that provide incremental functionality that help you get to most out MODO in your pipeline. These MODO plug-ins were all developed using the MODO Plug-in SDK that is included with every registered license of MODO.

MODO kits

Professional results in less time

MODO kits are packaged productivity that accelerate certain task-specific workflows within MODO. Kits address challenging problems, such as scene lighting or creating realistic looking materials, and create solutions that take advantage of MODO’s ability to quickly combine scripts, streamlined UI, plug-ins, learning materials, and/or smart content.

MODO partner products

Compatible third-party functionality

MODO partner products are tools, assets and functionality created and sometimes sold by third parties, designed to work either alongside or directly within MODO. From HDR lighting, to smart textures and materials, to collections of 3D plants, MODO partner products can help you take your MODO projects further.