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MODO kits are packaged productivity that accelerate certain task-specific workflows within MODO. Kits address challenging problems, such as scene lighting or creating realistic looking materials, and create solutions that take advantage of MODO’s ability to quickly combine scripts, streamlined UI, plug-ins, learning materials, and/or smart content.

All MODO kits are compatible with the latest release of MODO, unless otherwise noted.


XfrogPlants for MODO

XfrogPlants for MODO offers libraries of ready-to-use 3D plant models created with high-resolution modeling realism by certified botanists. These detailed trees, flowers, shrubs and other plants are being used heavily in architecture, design, TV and film. Any MODO user needing realistic vegetation for their projects should have XfrogPlants in their digital tool belt.


MODO After Effects I/O Bridge

The MODO After Effects I/O Bridge seamlessly links your MODO projects to After Effects, and After Effects Projects back to MODO. Allows for easy integration of MODO’s 3D rendered elements when After Effects is your tool of choice.


MatPak - Interiors

The new MatPak series of material presets for MODO deliver the highest quality surfaces for use in your own scenes. Created exclusively for MODO by star community member and ArchViz professional Tomáš Sciskala (aka Mytrixx), this collection provides 100 categorized, easy-to-use presets for a variety of interior surfaces including realistic floors, authentic wall textures and much more.


Sketchfab kit for MODO

Free for all MODO 10 Series, 902, 901, 801, 701 and 601 owners, the Sketchfab kit allows you to upload models directly from MODO to your Sketchfab account. free preset pack produces a stunning array of seamlessly-tiling game-ready PBR textures for Unreal, Unity and other popular game engines. This free MODO 10 Series preset pack is a sampling of 20 of their high-quality textures, configured for easy application using MODO’s standard preset workflow



SLIK 2 is a workflow-optimized photographer-friendly CG lighting system that streamlines lighting setups for synthetic photography and product renderings. SLIK 2 offers a complete solution for realistically lighting your models: use the included lighting setups or create your own from the provided range of lights, tripods, booms, cameras, reflectors and platform backdrops; quickly and easily refine your lighting, with support for working interactively in the viewport and with Preview; optionally, save out a customized HDR image for image-based lighting.



VP ARCHVIZ kits by VIZPARK are extensive collections of high-quality 3D models, HDRI skydomes and materials for architectural visualization. VP ARCHVIZ COMPLETE includes over 300 realistic 3D models of plants, trees, grasses, boulders and fruits, 30 HDRI skydome environments and 75 physical materials of walls and floors. 


Automatic Character Setup 2 (ACS 2) kit

Auto Character Setup (ACS) 2 is a production-ready automatic rigging solution for bipedal characters. It features a flexible, general-purpose biped rig with an intuitive drag-and-drop workflow, pose and action library, robust retargeting tools and more.


HDRE Landscape kit

HDRE Landscape location kit is a collection of high-dynamic range panoramas and render-ready background plates that provides MODO users with an easy way to place models into natural landscape settings for utterly convincing renderings.


HDRE Moofe kit

HDRE Moofe kit is a diverse collection of high-dynamic range panoramas and render-ready background plates that provides MODO users with an easy way to place models into a variety of settings for utterly convincing renderings. The original photography is from Moofe Ltd., a company that specializes in pre-shot “virtual locations” for CGI work.


HDRE Urban kit

HDRE Urban kit is a collection of high-dynamic range panoramas and render-ready background plates that provides MODO users with an easy way to place models into urban settings for utterly convincing renderings.


MakerBot Kit for MODO

MakerBot Kit is a free plug-in for MODO 801 and later that makes 3D printing fun and easy. With MakerBot Kit installed, you can explore MakerBot’s Thingiverse community website directly from MODO, so you can store and share your files, get inspiration and free content, and turn your models into amazing real objects with the click of a mouse.


Model Bashing kit

The Model Bashing kit is a collection of hundreds of pre-built meshes and images that supercharge MODO for adding technical surface complexity or creating new objects that bristle with detail for your sci-fi, military or industrial visualization projects. With all of these presets at your command, you can quickly bash out your own creations that look like you spent days painstakingly modeling them. The kit helps you to rapidly add realistic cockpit interiors and instrumentation panels for vehicles and control rooms, and also model sci-fi structures like spaceships and moon bases.


Non-Photorealistic Rendering 2 (NPR 2) kit

The NPR 2 kit lets you easily create a range of expressive, and hand drawn looks when rendering in MODO. Non-photorealistic rendering or ‘NPR’ refers to stylized or expressive 3D rendering that suggests traditional illustration. It is useful in applications from technical illustration, where edges and important features are emphasized at the expense of detailed visual accuracy, to cartoons where simple colors and strong lines are used to convey emotion.


PACK kit (Package Design and Construction)

The PACK kit accelerates the design and visualization of packages in MODO by helping package designers and CG artists circumvent the technical stumbling blocks involved in modeling and scene construction. The PACK kit is a collection of over 200 presets, images and assemblies – a large library of packages and package components which can be modified and assembled to both visualize existing packaging – and to create totally new package designs.


Splash kit

The Splash kit for MODO consists of meshes, materials, environments and assemblies – along with informative tutorials about their use for creating images with realistic splashes, drops and puddles. You have total control over shapes, color, lighting and camera position to create one-of-a-kind (and royalty-free) liquid imagery.


Studio Environment Set 1 (SES 1) kit

SES 1 is a collection of 51 high dynamic range spherically mapped images that provide a handy source of interior lighting for product shots, industrial design presentations, engineering visualization and packaging design. This kit is designed for people who don’t want to set up lighting but still want a variety of studio lighting schemes to experiment with in a fast and streamlined manner. For users of MODO, Bentley Systems MicroStation and SOLIDWORKS 2011/2012 and up.


Studio Environment Set 2 (SES 2) kit

SES 2 is a collection of high dynamic range spherically mapped images for interior lighting of product shots, industrial design presentations, engineering visualization and packaging designs. Designed for people who want professional studio lighting results, SES 2 includes 50 new environments that are different from SES 1. For users of MODO, Bentley Systems MicroStation and SOLIDWORKS 2011 / 2012.



The MODO for SOLIDWORKS kit is for design and engineering visualization professionals wanting to import SOLIDWORKS parts, bodies and assemblies into MODO. In MODO, you can select import the data by appearance, part, body or face and create new layers in MODO to apply materials to specific parts of your design. The kit also provides user interface and navigation controls similar to SOLIDWORKS and PhotoView 360.