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License type

Individual USD 1799
Floating USD 1799


USD 1,799

Excluding local tax

The currency you will be charged in is dependent upon your billing address. Once you have entered your billing information, your cost will be displayed in the appropriate currency. Please note that the trading currency for countries outside the UK and the EU is USD.

Individual licences

These are traditional MODO licenses that are tied to a single user. This licence is great for a single user who may need to run MODO on more than one machine but at different times.

Floating licenses

These licences allow a given number of users on a network to run MODO at the same time. Floating licenses are great for:

  • Users who want to make the application available to as many people as possible without buying the application for everyone.
  • Users who are happy to share a specific number of licenses which are available to everyone on the network. Licenses are distributed on a first come first served basis. When the user quits the application the license is then available for someone else to use.

Note: These floating licences are different from RLM floating licences for other The Foundry products and are not managed from a central license server. Please contact our Sales team if you are interested in RLM floating licences for MODO.


MODO is powered by Nexus®.

For further information, please contact our sales team.

MODO製品は、日本の正規販売元である「MODO JAPAN グループ(」より日本語版として販売いたしております。日本からのお客様はMODO JAPAN グループまたは取扱代理店(よりご購入くださいますようお願いいたします。

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