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3D content creation tools for film & video

From big-screen blockbusters to TV commercials and 360° video, MODO has a place in every film and video production. Fully customizable and easily integrated into existing pipelines, MODO delivers powerful tools for modeling, character animation, digital matte painting, effects and rendering in one intuitive package.

Bring your world to life

Experience the power of directable, node-based particles; fully integrated rigid and soft-body dynamics; procedural shattering and rigging; and a uniquely flexible deformation system all working with one another within the schematic viewport.

Render film-quality frames

Create stunning, high-quality imagery that rivals any leading rendering solution with MODO's built-in renderer. Support for OpenColorIO and flexible render passes ensure integration with compositing solutions like NUKE.

Reimagine reality

Blend the authentic with the synthetic, and extend the boundaries of your physical set with MODO’s advanced tools for virtual camera creation and digital matte painting. Plus, easily set up a spherical camera rig for use with 360° video footage.

Integrate, automate, extend

Integrate MODO into pipelines or extend its functionality with a C++ API, Python scripting, API and TD SDK. Easily exchange data with support for numerous file formats including OpenSubdiv, OpenVDM, OpenEXR and Alembic. 

Film & video videos

What we’ve been able to see people do using MODO as a tool has been really remarkable. I never expected the renderer to be able to perform the way it does in a million years.
Kevin Baillie, Co-Founder, Atomic Fiction

Customer stories

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MODO and NUKE in The Monuments Men
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