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Tools for 3D games and VR experiences

Create addictive games and immersive virtual reality experiences that keep people coming back for more, with MODO's innovative real-time 3D content creation tools. With WYSIWYG look-dev for Unity and Unreal, and best-in-class baking, MODO helps you create interactive worlds your customers won’t want to leave.

Play well with others

Easily exchange data between other content creation applications and export to popular games engines for painless pipeline integration. MODO offers support for a wide range industry-standard file formats for geometry, images and motion.

Create UVs the way you want

MODO takes the drudgery out of tedious UV creation tasks, with a toolset that integrates fully with modeling and selection workflows. You can even use falloffs and sculpting tools to deform, smudge and smooth your UVs.

Model with moxie

Take advantage of highly refined modeling workflows to accelerate asset creation. MODO offers modeling tools which feature award-winning MeshFusion Booleans, advanced symmetry, robust snapping controls, plus an integrated sculpting toolset.

Bake it till it’s done

With MODO’s baking tools, you can review your textures as you bake, and watch them refine progressively; tweak settings and make surface changes without waiting for a final render; and store bake-related parameters for reuse with different assets.

Real-time content videos

The game changer for MODO is just speed all the way across the board—texturing, rendering, lighting, surfacing, building, modeling, everything. It’s just fast.
Alex Patanjo, Director of CG and Technical Art, PLAYSTUDIOS
Naughty Dog use MODO for pre-viz in Games
MODO for indie game Farrah Rogue
MODO makes Monkey Slam an app store hit
MODO brings Borderlands 2 to life