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Introduction to MODO particles with Steve Hill

These materials will introduce you to the basic concepts behind particle systems and their implementation in MODO. The three projects are complex enough to present some real challenges, but simple enough to be quickly explained and understood. The course lays the foundations on which you can build more complex examples of your own.

But this training is about more than just particles: it will touch upon many areas of MODO, including modeling and sculpting, the shader tree, dynamics and—of course—the particle system itself. In particular, it looks in detail at the schematic editor, which is one of the essential tools for riggers and animators. The projects also make extensive use of keyframing and the animation system.

With nearly three hours of training aimed at beginners to the MODO particle system, the course shows how particles can be seamlessly integrated into your scenes. The style is relaxed and informal, but highly informative.

Purchase Information

What is included with the product?

  • 5 videos segments
  • 3 scenes in LXO format

Total run time:

02:56 (nearly 3 hours)

Experience level:

All levels, but principally aimed at beginners to the particle and dynamics system. Basic knowledge of MODO UI and navigation plus some experience in general modeling will be helpful, but is not required.

Software compatibility:

MODO 901 and later

Product format:

All files will be delivered via electronic download. Training videos are at 1920 x 1080 resolution and narrated in English.

Product description

  • Video 01: Overview - An introduction to the particle workflow training, followed by a first look at what particle systems are and how they work in MODO.
  • Video 02: The Schematic Editor - This video explains how to make effective use of the schematic editor, an essential tool in rigging and animation.
  • Video 03: Grenade - Create a old-school grenade (bomb) with a burning fuse. We use particles in combination with the MODO animation systems to create sparks and flames.
  • Video 04: Explode and Shatter - Combine particles with the MODO dynamics system to create realistic interactions and use the procedural Shatter item to create some spectacular destruction.
  • Video 5: Volcano - Use modeling and sculpting tools to create a volcanic terrain, then apply curve forces to particles to choreograph their movements. Render particles with blobs and volumes.