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Rigging master course update

The update to the Rigging Master Course has finally arrived and has more than doubled in size and awesomeness.

It offers a comprehensive, on-demand educational system for users of all levels interested in learning production-level rigging. Presented by Rich Hurrey, this course teaches basic to advanced concepts, using easy to understand video examples. Rich’s casual, one-on-one teaching approach, is well-paced and comfortable to follow.

The course interface allows students to easily open the related course files, jump to specific areas of interest, and directly access related FAQ.



There are two sections to this course, Foundations and Tutorials.

The core MODO concepts are covered in the Foundation section and separated into ‘Introductory’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’ topics, with each section building in complexity as it progresses toward mastery. The Foundations section is also great for users coming to MODO from other 3D packages interested in a fast-track learning approach to understanding MODO’s rigging system. The new Deformers section fully covers the deformation system (introduced in MODO 601) and all updates made through MODO 801. Lastly, the “In Action” section builds on the concepts learned to show how to solve real problems while building a production-level rig.

The second section, Tutorials, includes the original mining scene with the Train, Hopper Car and Crane tutorials and has been updated to include a new dump truck element where Rich covers building an entire multi-wheeled vehicle suspension with working shocks, steering and wheel ground deformations.

By the end of the tutorial you will have a firm understanding of the tools and key concepts and we hope you find it a valuable resource for learning MODO and the production process in general.

Purchase information

What is included with the product?  

  • Approx. 60 hours of comprehensive rigging training videos
  • All scenes and assets, including video start and completion states for comparative exploration
  • Cross referenced and searchable HTML UI, simple navigation controls, direct video playback and keyword searching
  • Comprehensive course glossary
  • Complete table of contents and index 

Total run time: 

Approximately 60 hours!

Experience Level:

Users should have a basic understanding of MODO, including how to navigate and work with items and components.

Software Compatibility:

Compatible with MODO 601 and later.

Note: MODO 801 SP3 is recommended for the Pill Boy and Dump Truck scenes.

Note: Video playback from the RMC is not compatible with Google Chrome on Mac OSX.

Product Format:

All files delivered via electronic download. Training videos are at 1280 x 720 resolution and narrated in English.