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Advanced Chroma Keying plugin for Final Cut Pro

As of 30th Sept 2015 we will be discontinuing Keylight for Final Cut Pro 7/6. After this date, Keylight for FCP sales, development and support will end.

For those who have recently purchased, we will provide good effort support for one year from the date of your purchase. There will be no new builds or bug fixes after the discontinue date.

KEYLIGHT is an award-winning production-proven blue and green screen keyer. KEYLIGHT is simple to use and is particularly good at tackling reflections, semi-transparent areas and hair. Because spill suppression is built in, often selecting the screen color is all you need to do to extract the matte and seat the foreground into the background so it looks photographed rather than composited.

KEYLIGHT has been refined over the years to make keying quicker and easier, whilst providing a depth to the tools that will tackle even the most challenging shots. The plug-in comes with a suite of tools to erode, soften, despot and otherwise manipulate the matte should the need arise, as well as the inclusion of separate color correction, suppression and edge correction tools to fine-tune the result.

KEYLIGHT has undergone many improvements here at The Foundry. However, the original KEYLIGHT algorithm was developed by the Computer Film Company (now Framestore) and has been utilized over the years on hundreds of projects including Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Sherlock Holmes, 2012, Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, Percy Jackson, G.I. Joe And Clash of the Titans.

KEYLIGHT seamlessly integrates with some of the world's leading compositing and editing systems: NUKE and Final Cut Pro. 

"I've used Primatte, Ultimatte and many other products, but KEYLIGHT is the best overall package I've ever used."
Shannon Dunn, Senior Editor, Sprint Creative Media Services

KEYLIGHT & FURNACE deliver cutting-edge effects on Sweeney Todd
© DreamWorks, Paramount and Warner Bros. Images courtesy of MPC