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What is 3D printing?

The ability to rapidly prototype and use 3D printing technology to visualise concepts has become an essential part of the design process. 

The Foundry’s design-focused toolsets enable artists and designers at all technical levels to imagine, realise and quickly print 3D models. Our products are the perfect fit for professionals and hobbyists alike. 

The advent of 3D printing has allowed companies and designers to quickly visualize their designs at a low cost. Anything from a car concept design, through to practical parts and accessories and hobbyist art can be created in MODO and quickly turned into a real world printed objects.

Why use MODO and MeshFusion for 3D printing?

  • MODO’s end-to-end 3D content creation tools are recognized as both easy to use and yet extremely powerful for artists and designers at every level.
  • Get access to unrivaled 3D object and surface modeling tools wrapped in an artist-friendly workflow. With the award-winning MeshFusion toolset in MODO, artists can simply grab cutter shapes, add or subtract them together and have the shape they want in minutes.
  • Enjoy a variety of modeling methodologies that will suit the taste of any content creator. From standard mesh construction techniques to intuitive brush-based sculpting, MODO has got it all. 
  • Easily clean up and modify MakerBot Digitizer scanned data in a streamlined and artist-friendly modeling environment.
  • Export as a watertight mesh to the .STL format, for easy 3D printing. 

Find out about the revolutionary latest version of MODO

MakerBot partnership

The Foundry is working in close collaboration with MakerBot to further enhance its concept to completion 3D printing workflow. 

As a company we are investing significant resources into making our products and MakerBot’s platforms work together even better and to make the 3D printing process even easier.


MODO is an integrated 3D modeling and animation tool used by top artists and designers for digital content creation. A complete end-to-end solution, MODO is being used in many industries by creative and technical users of every level. MODO’s best-in-class modeling toolset features the award-winning MeshFusion technology. MeshFusion lets you interactively add, subtract and intersect objects together to create new high-quality 3D models quickly and effectively, and have a lot of fun doing it!

MakerBot kit for MODO

MakerBot Kit is a free plug-in for MODO that delivers a better 3D printing experience. With MakerBot Kit, you can interact with MakerBot’s Thingiverse community website directly from MODO, so you can prototype, visualize and share your ideas in faster and more powerful ways.