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Our technology portfolio

Wherever digital imagery is used - from blockbuster film production to industrial design - The Foundry strives to push the boundaries of technical innovation, turning what was impossible yesterday into today’s reality. We’re proud to have been honored with a number of awards, including a Scientific and Engineering Award® from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences® for FURNACE. 

As well as keeping our commercial products at the head of their game, our expertise finds its way into a wide range of specialized applications for a variety of customers. We adopt a flexible approach to third-party relationships, and today we license out our technology as both binary libraries and source code. Our existing intellectual property covers several core areas of research.

Image processing

The Foundry owns many innovative image processing techniques that involve the analysis and treatment of a single still image or individual frames from film or video; for example, the addition or removal of grain or noise, matching colors between images, automated matting to separate out elements, and depth-of-field simulation.

Video processing

Our portfolio includes several video processing techniques that require the motion of the content over time to be understood prior to the manipulation of the pixels in a film or video sequence; for example, retiming a clip to speed it up or slow it down, the addition or removal of motion blur, 2D point and region tracking to insert or replace elements, and rolling shutter removal.

3D capture

We specialize in acquiring, understanding and recreating real-world information from digital sources. With our technology, 3D geometry can be created from video sequences, multiple digital still images, or Lidar or other range scanners, and the data used in a number of ways; for example, 3D camera tracking, panoramic image stitching, or 3D modeling from images to create assets.

3D rendering

Our advanced 3D rendering technology enables the production of photo-real imagery using CG, employing both high-quality interactive OpenGL-based rendering and final quality accelerated ray tracing.

High-performance computing (HPC)

The high-performance computing team at The Foundry develops frameworks to deploy accelerated image processing algorithms across different CPU and GPU hardware, enabling software engineers to fully exploit the capabilities of current and next-generation heterogeneous computing systems.

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