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Step up to NUKE

Who's it for?

Everyone. It’s used by artists at all ends of the creative spectrum from student filmmakers to creative agencies, right through to high level film VFX artists working on the latest blockbuster.

NEW: Want to learn and experiment with NUKE?  

We’re releasing a free, non-watermarked, non-commercial use version of our NUKE range in early 2015! Find out more and register your interest.

Killer features

Delve into the videos below to learn how easy the transition can be and find out what makes NUKE unique.

Myth busting

This video series sheds light on the common questions new users ask when stepping up to NUKE. 

Start the journey

Nine simple tutorial videos by Lee Lanier give a step by step introduction to NUKE’s interface and features.

Tips and tricks

This series of handy hints give user insights into how to make the best of NUKE for everyday tasks. 


See why our clients move from After Effects to NUKE.

Explore more

Find out why these clients chose NUKE for their projects.



Join more than 14,500 NUKE users on Nukepedia. Your community resource for all things NUKE from gizmos and python scripts to plug-ins and even source code. Nukepedia has it all. There are tools to make life easier whether you're dealing with day to day stuff like despoil and edge treatment or need more complex tools such as J_Ops, GeoTools and StickyProject.

More than 500 tools at your fingertips plus a forum and mailing list where you can ask questions and share knowledge.

It's FREE, so why not join in?