Watch the recording of SIGGRAPH 2015!

NUKE STUDIO Team Promo 2015

Choose from two great NUKE STUDIO bundles and save up to 38%!

From CrowdSourcing to Commercialization with BleepBleeps

MODO, 3D printing and creative design.

The Foundry Introduces MARI 3

Everything feeling a bit same old, same old these days? Don’t worry—The Foundry’s got something up its sleeve you might want to know about. Take a look at what’s coming your way, and don’t forget to sign up for our LIVE @ Siggraph 2015 event to find out more.

NUKE 9.0v7 is now available!

The Foundry at IBC 2015

We are showcasing The Foundry’s media production tools at IBC this year. Come and see us!

NUKE Non-commercial Competition

Learn NUKE with a chance to win over $30,000 worth of prizes from Wacom, fxphd & more.