Discover MODO 901

Five Questions with Alwyn Hunt

We catch up CG Student Awards co-founder to talk VFX, inspiration & more.

Watch the MODO 901 Event

Watch the recording to hear all about MODO 901 at this exciting event!

KATANA 2 is out now!

Introducing KATANA 2—rebuilt from the inside out to bring you a better, more efficient lighting and look development experience.

With a brand new multi-threaded core engine, KATANA 2 lets you iterate faster to get the look you want—on deadline. At the same time, major new avenues for customization and access to scene graph data help KATANA 2 fit the increasingly complex pipelines associated with today’s visual effects productions.

NUKE Non-commercial is out now!

Watch the recording!

This month’s session will feature production for all things games from creation to cinematics using MODO and NUKE.

Interstellar gets the MODO treatment

New Deal Studios used MODO and 3D printing to create realistic miniatures.