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The Foundry launches MODO Steam Edition

We’re making our popular 3D content creation software even more accessible, with a special edition of MODO now available on Valve’s Steam store; the leading digital distribution platform for games and apps online.

MODO Steam Edition gives users vast 3D content creation tools which you can use to forge the weaponry armour and much more for Steam’s biggest game - DOTA 2 as well as other Source engine games.

With MODO Steam Edition, gamers and content creators across the massive Steam crafting community can now construct amazing kits for their favorite heroes.

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MODO Steam Edition includes powerful pro tools that let you model, manipulate, texture, and paint just about any piece of gear you can imagine! The integration from creation to in game play is seamless for DOTA 2.  You can save your armor and weapons to the Steam cloud and easily export anything you create into DOTA 2.

MODO Steam Edition’s features include:

  • Highly technical 3D modeling that’s undeniably fun
  • Dynamic sculpting tools for expert tinkering
  • UV Editing tools makes texturing objects in 3D a breeze
  • Texture baking lets you package everything quickly for export
  • Materials setup and painting gives you great artistic flexibility
  • Easy export to DOTA 2 and FBX output to other Source Engine games
  • Save and load from Steam Cloud

The expansive content creation tools in MODO Steam Edition are not only tailored for quick and flexible integration with DOTA 2, they can also easily be used for other Source engine games in Steam, like Team Fortress 2 and Left for Dead. 

MODO Steam Edition is available now for Windows at $149.99 or £114.99 on Steam and a Mac version is on the way. 

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MODO brings the landscapes of Borderlands 2 to gritty life
© Gearbox
MODO adds character to Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time game
Image courtesy of Sanzaru Games
The Embassy used MODO to develop alien weaponry for District 9
© The Embassy Visual Effects.
MODO visualizes slide attraction for the National Trust
© National Trust 2013. Images courtesy of Mike Griggs