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The Foundry Fest summer promotions

This year, we have two venues:

Our summer promos are the hottest ticket in town, so scoop them up before they go!

If you would like to speak to our sales team for any of the promotions, please use the callback form:


Dates: 11th August - 19th September

Tickets: See our how to buy table below


The line up:


After a sell out performance last year, THE UPGRADERS are back and they’re bigger and better than ever!

  • Upgrade from NUKE TO NUKEX and save 25% *
  • Upgrade from any previous version of OCULA to OCULA 4 and save 25%
  • Upgrade from any previous version of MODO to MODO 801 and save 25%

* Discount off upgrade. Maintenance will be co-termed.



Back by popular demand, THE CROSSGRADERS guarantee a sensational show - once you’ve seen them, you’ll never look back!

  • Move to NUKE from any other compositing package and save 20%
  • Move to NUKEX from any other compositing package and save 20%



We’re expecting great things from these guys who are making their debut appearance at The Foundry Fest.

  • 25% off individual educational licenses **

**see our FAQs to check if you qualify

The Foundry website Our Community Offline through our sales team or reseller channel
25% off NUKE to NUKEX Contact us
25% off OCULA to OCULA 4 Contact us
25% off MODO to MODO 801 Buy now Contact us
Move to NUKE save 20% Buy now Contact us
Move to NUKEX save 20% Buy now Contact us
25% off the COLLECTIVES Contact us

Terms & Conditions:

Max 10 seats per company on THE NEW SEATS (promotion now over).

All AE, Fusion and Shake users are eligible for the NUKE crossgrade. You will be asked to confirm ownership, but will not have to surrender your current compositor.  

Qualification required for purchasing Education products under THE FUTURE GENERATIONS promotion. See FAQ for details.

Promotional pricing not applicable to License Compliance.



Q: Who qualifies for THE FUTURE GENERATIONS pricing?

A: STUDENTS in primary or secondary education or enrolled in a degree-granting or certificate-granting course lasting at least 5 months. GRADUATES graduated in the last 12 months from degree-granting or certificate-granting course lasting at least 5 months. FACULTY: You are employed for 3 days or more per week at a degree-granting or certificate-granting Institution.

Q: What are the restrictions of purchasing an Education license:

A: Restrictions:

  • Maximum order of 2 licenses per student
  • Unrenewed licenses expire after 12 months
  • Please contact if you are interested in plug-ins, upgrade to commercial or our student volume purchase program
  • Can purchase licenses for longer than 12 months
  • Parents, relatives and guardians can purchase for students as long as the required education identification documents are provided and contain the student’s details.
  • Licenses can only be used for education purposes. Any commercial use must be agreed in writing by The Foundry. Individuals that use software bought at a discount under the education program for profit and or on a commercial production will be breaking the terms of conditions.


A: Additional order requirements:

  • Contact details: Name, address, phone & email
  • Official photo ID or Student ID with valid date
  • If you e-mail us from your school email i.e. only photo ID is required
  • University document or intranet screenshot detailing your class schedule or course enrolment. Information should show course start and end date or expected graduation date and be officially headed, stamped or show the University emblem.
  • Completed credit card form
  • Your system ID – to find it, visit our licensing FAQ page

Q: Are the promotions available on both Node-locked/Individual and Floating licences?

A: Yes. Where there is differentiation in pricing for Node-locked/Individual and Floating licenses, this has been advertised so as to show both promotional prices.