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MODO 801 is here. We celebrated with a live event!

Thursday 24th April 2014  7.00pm - 8.30pm PT (Pacific Time)

We gave you a sneak peek of what's in MODO 801 at our special live event.

Missed it? Check out our recording of the stream and see our special guest speakers from Harald Belker, Tippett Studios, He’s Here All Week, Epsilon Studios and DMAX Imaging.

Our speakers at the event

©‎ Anki, image courtesy of Harald Belker

Harald Belker - Future Concept Designer at Anki

Best known for his vehicle designs in films such as Total Recall, Tron: Legacy and Minority Report, Harald's work spans decades and genres. With a career that started in the automotive industry at Mercedes Benz, Harald has since gone onto diversify into other areas of design. A MODO advocate, Harald shared his impressive design experience and talked about his recent projects at Anki.

Ben Von Zastrow - CG Supervisor at Tippett Studio

We heard how Ben and his team used MODO on the mind boggling and beautiful Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey and why they love using MODO so much over at Tippett.

Matt Burniston - An Englishman in New York at He’s Here All Week

Following the success last year of The Mega Plush, Matt is back to show you what he has been up to using MODO & NUKE on the his latest labor of love. Fan of gun totting robotic legged teddy bear? Then make sure you check out the event recording as Matt has something cool he wants to show you.

Brad Peebler - President of the Americas at The Foundry

Brad showed you some seriously cool new not seen features in MODO, it was jam packed with goodness!


Image courtesy of Epsilon Studios

James Guard - Owner & Director at Epsilon Studios

James will be showed off his latest work on Epsilon Studios new game title Farrah Rogue - Zero Hour. His presentation broke down how MODO was used to create the art of Farrah from the Intro cinematic to the in game assets.

McKay Hawkes - Director of CGI at DMAX Imaging

McKay Hawkes is Director of CGI at DMAX Imaging in California as well as an Instructor at the Academy of Art University where he teaches advanced texturing, lighting and rendering. It's safe to say McKay is a fan of MODO and is keen to share how MODO’s awesomeness (his words, not ours) playes a huge part in realising the creative work at DMAX.