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HIERO 1.9 - it's all about playback

Dramatic playback performance improvements for both HIERO and HIEROPLAYER come as a result of the following new features and enhancements.

New features

  • PBO (Pixel Buffer Object) based texture uploads - decrease upload times from the RAM cache to the graphics card on Windows and Linux. 
  • 3-channel, 10-bit dpx material handling improvements - increase RAM cache playback capacity and make upload times faster by up to 2X the previous version.
  • Allocated memory recycling - improves decode and rendering performance through more efficient use of cache space.
  • Audio video playback synchronisation - both in viewer and for SDI out audio video playback has been improved to give more accurate and aligned results. 
  • Audio levels to match - accurate audio level monitoring with reduced clipping - check your speaker volume!

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