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Introduction to MODO Particles with Steve Hill

Steve is an in industry-leading software engineer whose worked on CAD/CAM software, graphics drivers and more.

Announcing CARA VR open beta

The Foundry solves virtual reality content creation challenges with new toolset.

NUKE 10 has arrived!

The NUKE 10 release focuses on enhancing performance, increasing stability and delivering new functionality in the areas you told us matter most: paint, playback, export and more. OpenColorIO integration leads the list of updates to keep NUKE in line with industry standards. And NUKEX and NUKE STUDIO get a powerful new Smart Vector toolset for automated clean-up, replacement and augmentation tasks.

MODO 10 Series is here

The realities of 360° VR production

Research Engineer Daniele Bernabei finds out the challenges of VR production and talks about what he learned.

Cluster Studio’s short-form sizzlers

The Foundry portfolio helps Cluster Studio create eye-popping commercials.