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Get a sneak peek of our NAB announcement!

How did we do it?

Just over a month ago we gathered together a small group of alpha testers and long time friends of The Foundry in the Soho institution that is The Dog & Duck pub in the hope that when we applied real ale to the situation our creative juices would start to flow.  

Our mission - to come up with a concept to help us illustrate the core values of our newest product offering and communicate that in a way that would excite people to sign up to our live stream from NAB and hear all about it. 

There was much hilarity and bizarre, ambitious ideas, but finally we settled on drawing parallels between composing, creating and producing music with producing creative visual content.

Now we just needed to make it happen.

We racked our brains and thankfully we remembered we have some cool friends. Cue help in the form of Richard Cardwell, Producer, Musical Director and Musician who’s played with everyone from Dido and Eurythmics to James Morrison and Nelly Furtado. 

We emptied our brains as best we could, he somehow managed to take it as inspiration and composed an original piece for us that encapsulated the mood and sounds equally great when played by one person as it did with the band.

We also relied on Richard to find the rest of our band and he didn’t disappoint us. He also helped us find our Director and Editor Ed Christmas.

Our next quandary was to come up with an instrument that could do it all as well as play it’s part in a team. This came in the form of a very cool synthesizer borrowed from one of Richard’s friends who plays with Depeche Mode.

And so it came to pass that on a cold wet day in March, there was much retrospective musical fun going on in a small studio in Barnes. With Richard and the rest of our band Matt, Vicky and Matt we set about recording our piece.  

Ed did the edit the day after the shoot before handing it to our own Jordan Thistlewood who did our grade.

We hope you like it and that it sparks your curiosity further about our NAB announcement - we can’t wait to tell you!


Richard Cardwell - Musical Director/Composor/Keyboards

Matt Round - Guitar - (Gary Barlow, Billy Bragg, Robbie Williams)

Matt Racher - Drums - (Lily Allen, Kylie Minogue, Shane Filan)

Vicky Warwick - Bass Guitar - (Ceelo Green, Gabrielle Aplin)



Ed is an up and coming director and cinematographer. Having shot numerous music videos, commercials, award winning shorts, and been the DP for several indie features, his debut feature film as director is set to premiere early 2015. Look out for The Man With Four Legs. Further info at: