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Ask The Foundry’s Head of Education Nicki Morris why she loves her job and she’ll tell you it’s the students’ creative energy and drive to learn. Take Andreas Feix. Using NUKE he created a six-minute stereoscopic short in just one year. This short has won him a Visual Effects Society Award, a place in the Electronic Theatre, and helped him secure a job at one of London’s top studios.

It’s one thing creating 3D stereoscopic experiences from scratch in the current millennium, but how do you go about adding an extra dimension to centuries-old masterpieces? Check the cereal package for some anaglyph glasses and read on to find out from industry veteran Steve Wright (still a great read without the glasses!).

When The Foundry asked Andre McGrail to create a sting for their showreel, he knew it was going to be a fun project.

Next up in our Pause Fest series is Juan Manuel Codó, art director of Soup, a motion graphic studio from Buenos Aires, Argentina. This past year at Pause Fest, we had the chance to meet and work with a number of wickly talented people, who interpreted the Pause Fest theme of “PURE” in motion response videos. Juan tells us a bit about his project, PURITY, and his experiences with Pause Fest.

At Pause Fest in Australia, 2015 we had the chance to work with a handful of exciting artists who submitted motion response videos around the Pause Fest theme of “Pure”.

Ingenuity Studios put MODO 901 through its paces, along with HIERO, MARI, NUKE and NUKE STUDIO to bring pop megastar, Taylor Swift's latest video to life.

We chat to Adrian Chaldecott, cinematographer and 3D illustrator, to find out why he uses MODO and MARI, how he found the learning process and what advice he offers in his tutorial below.