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NUKE 9 live event

Missed the live stream? Catch up with the NUKE 9 event recording below:

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Guest speakers


Ingenuity Engine

Grant Miller - VFX Supervisor

Ingenuity Engine's Grant Miller shared his impression of working with NUKE STUDIO in both shortform and commercials.  


Alex Fry - VFX Supervisor

VFX Supervisor Alex Fry also shared his impressions of working with NUKE STUDIO in film.  

The Foundry

Jon Wadelton - Chief Technology Officer

The famous (or infamous) Jon Wadelton gave a first look at the completed NUKE STUDIO - the latest addition to the range - as well as all the exciting updates coming to NUKE and NUKEX.

The Foundry

Philippa Carroll - Head of Media Production, Business Strategy and Operations

If you're interested in NUKE STUDIO, you don't want to miss Philippa as she answered all the burning questions you've been asking us since April. All was revealed around pricing, upgrade paths and ways to buy as well as some very exciting changes that we've been keeping a secret.

The Foundry

Becks O'Byrne - Host for the event

Becks makes sure the show keeps on time, possibly acting as the pantomime villain to Jon Wadelton. She also helped field all your questions and comments from around the world to our guest speakers and panellists.

The Foundry

Matt Plec - Compère for panel

Matt Plec, Senior Product Designer at The Foundry and our resident fountain of knowledge was compéring and kicked off the discussion with our special line up of panellists. He filtered your questions and picked the speakers' brains about all things NUKE.

If that isn't enough, we also had a panel of industry experts on hand to answer any of your questions:

Digital Domain’s Shervin Shoghian Mikros Image’s Stéphane Pivron Nineteen Twenty’s Ludo Fealy Realise Studio’s Paul Simpson Molinare’s Gareth Parry