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Review, collaborate and conform

Our HIERO products are purpose built multi-shot management tools that support smooth collaborative working, quick production turnaround and delivery. If you work with NUKE or other post production solutions, you will likely face the demands of managing high-quality, tight-deadline multi-shot production. Our HIERO products scale perfectly to offer efficiency in everything from desktop playback to single seat or collaborative conform through delivery workflows.

Which HIERO is right for me?

  • Powerful multi-track review timeline
  • Time saving and familiar editorial toolkit
  • Comprehensive versioning and media management
  • Open & scriptable playback framework
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  • All of HIEROPLAYER's features PLUS
  • Collaborative and open production workflow
  • Advanced shot management and export functionality
  • Fast and simple conform workflow
  • SDI broadcast monitor support
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How our customers are using HIERO & HIEROPLAYER