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What is shot management, conform and review?

Today’s visual effects projects face the tough challenge of managing a wide variety of creative tasks whilst accommodating late change requests and at the same time supporting an important creative edge. All that, and the pressure to drive down costs and deliver on shorter turnaround times.

Shot management, editorial conform and review, together form the heart of the creative production process, as jobs pass through a facility and work between artists. This missing link between editorial, visual effects work and final project delivery is often hidden amongst inflexible and expensive tools, laborious manual process and high infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Having a streamlined workflow is key to improving efficiency and shot throughput, where speed, reliability and collaboration really do drive creativity and business performance.

HIERO is a desktop app from The Foundry, that provides a simple way for visual effects artists to work collaboratively, improving their efficiency, reducing internal maintenance costs and increasing output.

Why use HIERO and HIEROPLAYER for shot management, conform and review?


HIERO is a production pipeline in a box.  A workhorse that breaks out shots and prepares for round tripping between editorial, visual effects and daily production and at-the-desk artist reviews.

HIERO fills the missing workflow link, tracking production metadata in one place and managing edit and shot versions in context of the timeline.  Straight out of the box, HIERO enables creative collaboration between visual effects artists and provides an open scriptable framework easily adapted to fit the workflow demands of individual projects.

HIERO is the timeline for NUKE and the pipeline that underpins other editorial, visual effects and finishing tools.  A trustworthy companion based on the same proven industry standards as other The Foundry products,  HIERO will drive artist and facility performance.


Fully integrating with our core compositing solution NUKE, our streamlined review and playback solution HIEROPLAYER is supported by the shot management, conform and review toolset of HIERO and provides familiar editing functionality in a user-friendly interface.

HIERO sits at the hub of the commercial pipeline for Logan
Kia Landscape: © Kia. All Rights Reserved. Images courtesy of Logan TV.
Redhat Studios use HIERO to pump up their pipeline
© 2010 Super Hybrid - Images courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment