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Desktop playback, edit & review

HIEROPLAYER is a desktop review tool that lets you playback every shot on the VFX timeline and compare versions of renders quickly, making it easy to see your own work, or that of your team, in the context of the entire sequence.

HIEROPLAYER fully integrates with NUKE and is supported by the shot management, conform and review toolset of HIERO to integrate seamlessly with the production pipeline and make collaborative working effortless.


  • Get the right results faster by viewing your shots in context with soft-import of all media that NUKE can read, including multi-channel EXRs, with audio for desktop playback
  • Edit shots straight on the timeline with a complete set of standard and easy-to-use controls that sit alongside HIERO’s unique multi-tool set
  • Save time and stay organised with media management capabilities that let you create your own elements library to organise, sort and tag VFX elements
  • Keep on top of reviews by saving out projects for reference or passing back to HIERO, and use shot-tagging to add notes to shots on the timeline
"Our pipeline required a solid playback software with extensive python scripting capabilities and advanced editing support. HIEROPLAYER fits perfectly with our needs and we are looking forward to using it on future projects."
Michele Sciolette, Head of VFX Technology at Cinesite
HIERO and NUKE bring Alicia Keys' picturesque city to life
© Nexus Productions. Images courtesy of Realise.
HIERO sits at the hub of the commercial pipeline for Logan
Kia Landscape: © Kia. All Rights Reserved. Images courtesy of Logan TV.
Redhat Studios use HIERO to pump up their pipeline
© 2010 Super Hybrid - Images courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment
HIERO and NUKE help Zoic Studios create unearthly sci fi VFX
©2010-13 TNT & DreamWorks Television