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An advanced framework for lighting and look development

KATANA offers a highly efficient, collaborative, asset-based approach to look development and lighting that gives you the creative scope and scalability to meet the needs of today’s most demanding visual effects projects.

KATANA’s flexible node-based framework, multi-threaded core engine and tight integration with rendering lets you iterate faster to get great-looking results on high-complexity shots in less time. With extensive API and scripting options, KATANA integrates effortlessly into your existing pipeline, letting you work the way you want with the renderer, shader library and other tools you choose.


  • Create and share ‘recipes’ for lighting and looks that can easily be reused across any number of shots, characters or other assets
  • Construct custom processing graphs for 3D scenes as easily as you would a compositing script with KATANA’s natural node-based approach
  • Scale your pipeline to handle extremely high scene complexity with a multi-threaded core engine and deferred processing
  • Choose from a number of industry-leading renderers supported out of the box, or add any renderer for a deeply integrated plug-in
  • Customize KATANA to fit your pipeline and processes with extensive public C++ APIs and scripting options
"We have been using the KATANA 2 beta in production for a while and have really noticed the speed up in the UI from multi-threading courtesy of the architecture change. As always, The Foundry's product support has been great and we look forward to what they have coming next."
Colin Davies, Visual Effects Supervisor, Spin VFX
“KATANA has helped our team to get ever closer to realizing a 100% cloud-based rendering workflow. The efficiency of its dependency handling helped to turn tasks that were previously untenable into a relative breeze." “KATANA enabled us to unleash a small team of rockstars on to an insane amount of work, and did so in a way that would have been next to impossible using any other tool.”
Kevin Baillie,Co-Founder, Atomic Fiction
“We worked closely with The Foundry over the past year on specific features and functionality we wanted to see in KATANA and after implementing it in production, we believe the package shows great promise and we look forward to our continuing relationship with The Foundry as we integrate technologies such as KATANA into our production pipeline.”
John Knoll, VFX Supervisor, Industrial Light and Magic
KATANA and NUKE cast a spell in Oz the Great and Powerful
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KATANA helps Buick blend the present with the prehistoric
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KATANA's power helps deliver The Amazing Spider-Man
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Behind the scenes at Tippett Studio
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